Ho, Ho, Hold the Whip!


Holidays are a difficult time of the year for anyone with an allergy. But, it can be done, and it can be delicious! Here are some alternatives to holiday favorites, that even dairy-lovers will covet!

Whipped Cream Substitute 

CoCoWhip- So Delicious makes a whip that can beat Cool Whip any day! It’s delightful on pie, cake, or your favorite hot beverage! I have been adding CoCoWhip to my coffee for a creamy twist on caffeine. Don’t cry over whipped cream, dive into CoCoWhip! I found my carton at Whole Foods.

So, the next time you’re feeling down that you have to sacrifice the whip on that vegan Starbucks beverage, remember that you have CoCoWhip at home, and suddenly the world is new again.

Green Bean Casserole (Vegan!)

If you’re anything like me, the holidays simply don’t feel right without my favorite foods, and one way to make sure that you get the feelz without the allergic reaction is to find ways to make your holiday staples vegan!

Here’s one way to do it:


Here’s how I did it:

I made the mushroom soup found at the link below. Instead of a can of coconut milk, I used Rich’s Whip, which can generally be found in the frozen foods section of your local grocer.


Then, I simply followed the instructions on the tub of French’s Fried Onions. (Yes, they are dairy free!).

What could be simpler and healthier? I can’t think of a thing.